East Passyunk

Family Arts Festival

July 28th | East Passyunk, Philadelphia

Have a fun time with the family

Our events are made to be enjoyed.  In a world filled with phones and computers, we bring the arts and theatre to the streets of Philly for a completely offline experience. 

Stroll around

Stroll around with friends and family. Have conversations all the while knowing that your kids are safe and enjoying themselves.

Relax & Enjoy

Everything is taken care of, we have food, fun, and entertainment. 

Enjoy Philly

Children get to have a day in Philly wondering around laughing and having a carefree summer day. 

Enjoy the Events

Some of Philly's best and brightest will be on hand to create a fun, interactive and educational day.  Bring family and friends a like for a unique blend of cultural and joy.

Kid Yoga

Mariah Bankemper strives to show children how to be compassionate and empathetic friends, courageous explorers, and uninhibited dancers. When she is not teaching Mariah is usually on her yoga mat, tending trees or eating veggies.


Kid Karaoke

Sing your heart out, kids take their turns and become rock stars for the day. 

Kristina Leuzzi is a local singer/song writer currently working toward her masters in speech-language pathology at Temple University. She believes music has immense power to both build confidence and bring others together.
Appalachian Storytelling

Through unparalleled storytelling, catchy music, and lively audience participation, this journey to the heart of the Appalachian Mountains explores the unique history, vibrant culture, and deep creativity of this distinctive region of the United States. Join Seth Reichgott for a fantastic theatrical performance.


Where is it?

Located in the East Passyunk we all love and know.  Stop by and have fun with the arts on a lovely Saturday afternoon.

July 28th 10 am to 2 pm

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Bring the whole family for fun filled day of music, theatre, kid karaoke and more.